Artists Services is a full service one stop shop for promotiong Labels/Artists from start to finish, to generate financial income , and further your Branding. Go to our Distribution Package Tab and sign up today, and get your music heard: 

    1. Placing your completed project into a pre promotional package which allows people to know your product is about to be released on every platform for retail purchasing.

     2. Settting up distribution through"10Deep Records/The Orchard,or Bungalo Records/Universal Music Group negotiating a Single, EP,or Album deal receieving between 70-80% of your worldwide profits, and also placement of your video in all video markets to create additional money for you through advertising before your video. Major E-mail blast of up to 300 radio stations ( FM Radio,Internet Radio,and College,for placement of your music ,along with 150 music festival committes for the opportunity to be contacted for performance possibilities.

     3. Major social media blast of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and placement in 50 Blogs nationwide, along with a blast to 200 Dj's in your Genre Globlly.

     4. 100 Companies that listen to music for the placement on sound tracks for movies , also pitching your music for commercial placement.

     5. Sending out sponsorship letters to companies with your music attached to gain investors or endorsments.(Branding)