Who Is P-Kay?

Name: Phakamisa Mthintsilana
Stage Name: P-KAY
Music Genre: Hip Hop
Activities: Producer & Online Magazine Editor


A hip hop artist and versatile producer for music genres like (Hip Hop, Dub Step, R&B, Soul, House Music and Afro-Soul or pop). He was born 1986/03/27 in the Eastern Cape, in a small town near Drakensburg Mountain (known as Maclear). He was raised in Eastern Gauteng Province, in the region of East Rand (Thokoza Township). It is where he get all the education that he has; as well and the calling of music begin in the land of Gauteng Province, Johannesburg City. He started music many years ago (2002), as he was still a teenager. His ability’s is mostly dedicated on production, as he did a great job to work with well known artists, under able artists and unknown artists. Artists we can mention under the production of P-Kay, include Kruna, Nozipho, Georgie (from Khaya FM), Sharp Moja, One Way, and others. His first break on the media begins in 2005 to Tibo Touch Show on Metro FM (Known as Rhyme and Reason).

Previously Is Worked On the Project Called; THE RISE (REFLECTION OF THE TIME) P-KAY pkay2
The album available online stores worldwide.

Its concept is an ideology on how the hip hop has evolved locally (South Africa) and as well in the world. The tracks of the album define different approach of expressing hip hop to the world, or the production is reflecting ordinary hip hop sound (preferred worldwide) and exclusive locally (South Africa) sound of producing music and delivering all the concepts lyrical. For instance, he used to ways of expressing himself, English as universal language and, and also a South African Official Language, as well South African Lingo, which defines his background as an artist who’s not afraid to express him of anyhow. The single track of his album already hit the air waves locally. This a a promising project to be successful, as it attracted even the interest of overseas artists. Broad, he worked with the likes of Al-Bino (US Rapper from Cleveland) and the pop vocalist from California (US), known as Rosalyn. The locally based talent is also featured in this project, the likes of KRUNA, ONE WAY and other new talent of South Africa. He did the good projects previously, as we can also mention the inclusion of his track to the world hip hop mixtape of 2012, known as “Hell Summer Mixtape” which has big names such as hip hop star “Rick Ross”. The name of our artist is “P-KAY” and his track on that mixtape is listed as number 25, and is titled “Hustler” the link of mixtape is: http://t.co/DgWWxg37 .In 2013, he did his EP that was a pre-project for the current one which is about to release. His EP was marketed locally (South African areas). His previous EP titled “GIFT”, as has track like “Friday” which also video linked to youtube: http://youtu.be/HZNYy4-h2Is



P-KAY has several videos on the internet, the hit single track on previous album, titled: PUT IT, made a huge viewing; more than 300 000 on facebook https://www.facebook.com/bnrmusicsa/videos/942988182427665/ , and others followed the trend and also managed to grab a lot of attention to many thousands viewers. Currently is working on the different projects with the different people. He is working with one of hip hop Rapper from the US in Cleverland as already together they made a music video on a single track called “HAS MY BACK”. There also a female Rapper from the US called MISS T.D, he also working with her, already made a single “Welcome to Party”. He is not ignoring Africa too, as he also working with the biggest Rapper in Malawi known as YOUNG D. Together are working on a project called “From S.A to Malawi”. Together they got hit single that trending the big stations in Malawi. The single also doing well on the Charts there.


P-Kay is an Editor of online Magazine (Promoting African underground hip hop / Underrated Artists in different genres). The concept of magazine is based on bridging the gap between celebrities and underrated artists. He also a compiler of the top weekly top 10 for BNREMAG (where is an editor. The link side of magazine is www.bnremag.net . In 2018 is doing a mixtape with lot of the artists, locally (in South Africa), continental (Africa) and other artists of other parts of the world.