Name: Nandipha Myathaza

Stage Name: NANDIPHA


Her name is Nandipha Myathaza, she was born in the province of Eastern Cape, from the small town called Qumbu, formerly region as Transkei (South Africa). She started music at a young age (11 years). Like any kid who grows up in a Christian home, she grew up interested in gospel music. When she moved in Gauteng Province, Johannesburg City, where she was about to start a high school grades, she was still continuing with her hobby (music), as later she became a serious backup artist of several gospel groups and artist, until she met her current producer Phakamisa (P-Kay) Mthintsilana.

In the time was meeting P-Kay, she was already discover her root of music that, she inspired him and felt comfortable to persuade. She discovered that her traditional roots was not just an inspiration to her, but a calling too. This is why today is persuading Afro-Soul/Traditional Jazz Music.Nandipha Myathaza


Back then in 2009, she started to record her first project under the production of P-Kay (Born and Rise Entertainment). The album was good enough to introduce Nandipha to several places, other parts of Gauteng and as well in other places in the Eastern Cape (South African states). Her second album was recorded in 2012, the album was to test the strength of her as she is the artist, the aim was to build her foundation as artist, and create her fan base too.


She performed to a lot of occasion in different stages, as she was also gaining experience and potential to present herself in front of audience. She was performing in the events like the one for Khaya Fm, and sharing stages with the artists like Judith Sephumo (African well known Jazz Artist). She also attended several charity events, where she was contributing with her talent to entertain and assist to raise funds for organization like Thokoza Progressive Youth. She also assisted the campaign of Mr. South Africa, one of the candidates, from the City of Ekurhuleni, Eastern Side of Gauteng Province, whom was contesting Mr. South Africa 2014, the campaign which was also about raising the funds for charity organization.


Nandipha is working on the promotion, her second album called MY EVOLUTION that already available in many online stores, like Google Play, ITUNE, Amazon and other online stores. What is behind the title? She is in the stage or status where she has been experienced different kind of life challenges in her music journey; where she has a story to tell about her musical journey, till the present life. Her experience was also the opportunity to write this album, and assistant by her producer, Phakamisa “P-Kay” Mthintsilana. The album is much matured to in extend of the playing of instrumental with the combination of the vocal, show the evolution to her music, unlike any new artist in the industry. Her album is mix of African Lingos (Languages of Tradition) and English..