While sitting in front of my computer at Dahitz office , typing this article , and listening to the new hit single by Tha Don entitled " ONLY ME, I began to reflect on the words that he wrote to describe how he was feeling concerning this subject , of wanting to be the Only One in her life, and how you usually hear this type of song coming from the ladies of Southern Soul, but thats what makes Tha Don the special artists that he is, with his commitment of being versatile , not only touching on getting with the woman ( as most male singers do) , but singing about how to make her just for him..DAHITZ3


when I speak of the Tha Don , Im speaking of Vernon Tha Don Washington, born and raised in Center, Texas in Humble County with a Population of 5,000 residence, Tha Don was preparing for a show in Alabama, when we caught up with him, and was kind enough to take some time out for Dahitz.


Dahitz: "We wont take alot of your time since your getting ready to go on , but we just wanted to ask you some questions so that your fans and our readers could find out a little bit more about you, So when did you realize that You could sing?"


Tha Don:" I remember every Saturday morning I would help my Mother ( Ms. Joyce Ann Washington) clean up the house and she would always be singing , and my mother could sing, real good. I would join in on whatever song she would be singing and she passed the gift to me out of all of us kids. I can remember when I took a break from singing and went overseas due to my job , I didn't sing for 5 years and at that time I questioned whether or not I wanted to begin again, and my mother sat me down and I will never forget what she told me , she said ," If you don't use it, God is going to take it from You", these are the words that gave me my confirmation."


Dahitz: " Well , Were glad you listened to her, How did you enter the business professionally ?"


Tha Don: "I had a good friend by the name of AL Flemon, who brought me to see a man by the name of TK SOUL, who asked me to sing for him in his studio , after I finished singing , he asked asked me where I had been all his life, and one thing led to another and I joined the TK Soul Family".


Dahitz: "We are big fans of TK here at Dahitz, we only have a couple more questions cuz we know its almost showtime , If you had the chance to make a record with anyone in the music business, who would it be?"


Tha Don : " That's an easy one , it would be Charlie Wilson or R Kelly".


Dahitz : " I think that would be a great fit for you , wow , I would love to hear the final production on that song, oh , by the way, How do you feel being compared to R Kelly ?"


Tha Don: " It use to bother me at first, but now I understand its a blessing from God and I have to cherish my blessing"


Dahitz : "Ok so when times get hard what song that you listen to ,brings you through on the Gospel side?"


Tha Don : " There is only one song that comes to my mind and that is , " Never Could Have Made It "


Dahitz : "Perfect pick me up song on a rainy day, well we appreciate the time you gave us , but its time to give the people what they came here for tonight , and we love the new single , " Only Me ", and tell us if there is anyone you want to give a shout out to".


Tha Don : " Yes, I have some people that I would like to say thank you to, God who makes everything possible, A.L. Flemon , Robert Moore, Faite Williams, and TK Soul, Last but not least, the Love of my life, Renoda Washingotn, my wife..


Dahitz : " Thanks Don, and check out Tha Dons new single on CD Baby, and on Itunes entitled Only Me, another great interview, read more on the and , and become a subscriber......WE ARE DAHITZ !!!!
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