Vence KING28 Turner was Born in Alexandria,LA. On July 17,1984 KING28 was born On his Mother's Irma Turner Birthday. Indeed this Cancer was a gift.(A gift and a curse) according to Rapper KING28.In 1996 He was forced into the streets from abuse at home. His Father Gerald Smith Dream also was to be a successful Musician. Music was his family history. A dramatic change rained down on the Rapper. He joined the Notorious 28Hundred Street gang. He still pressed the issue with his music but local Artist told him he was to young. In November 1997 He was apprehended and charged with Grand theft auto. Possession of a stolen gun. And CDS 2. He was sentence to 3 yrs in L.T.I.(Kid Prison) This gave him time to get better as a MC

     . In 2001 KING28 was released from L.T.I. KING was in search for change so he joined a few local rap groups. B.i.c./MGP/BLK/QBE/&H/D/C things didn't seem to shape up for the young rapper. The same year he dropped his 1st Mixtape. Yet still living in the streets. In 2002 Rapper was cought with drugs and booked into the Rapides Parish Jail. He made bond. With effort to escape the System he got serious about his craft. But he was in to deep. In 2006 Rapper was arrested for Not reporting. This was a violation to his agreement. He was sentence to 3 More years.

       On November of 2009 he was released.KING28 Did get right bk to his craft. But yet still carma hunted him. Things got ruff he had no money, no job, just a dream. So it was back to selling drugs. 2years later he was apprehended again for Drug Distribution. This time Rapper will serve 5 years Hard Labor. In 2016 Rapper made up his mind. He immediately got Back into the stodio. Things where twice as difficult this time. Struggling with Recording and nonsupport by his Local Peers.King then cleared his head. He moved away from his peers. In The early Fall he powered up. In 2017 KING28 Went to Atlanta, Georgia and Obtained First Distribution Deal. Stay tuned and see the greatness we been missing!!!!