It’s something about listening to music by an artist who you know loves what they do…to their core. The delivery, the sound, the effortless way they flow with the verse and ride with the beat lets you know they feel it and they want you to feel it too…and that’s Mynista David Benton. A Knoxville Tennessee native, David Benton knows the thrill of the rise, and the agony of the fall and never letting the music die.

     David, raised in church, a Man of Faith, believer, servant, Minister, Husband, father and CEO, has been letting music live and flow through him since he was a young man, rapping the good word of God, moving into his early teens where he joined a local rap group and took his talent even further. David discovered that he had the gift of flow and used it well!

     Testimonies are how we all overcome, and David’s is nothing short of a man who God kept. Revered as a hometown hopeful, David ran point guard, running up and down the court, hearing his name screamed from the bleachers, but losing the motivation to press on in basketball, he turned to a life that led him down a very different road. Decisions made that ended up in prison…for 13 years.

     Anyone could have let life take them down a road to deeper and darker waters, but David, never the one to give in to defeat, did more than serve time, he studied , he read, becoming knowledgeable in different religions, but always being led back to the heart of where his spiritual roots were laid. Becoming a minister to the inmates, teaching and guiding those who thought they had no hope, to a new hope in GOD…and the Music STILL flowed! David made sure the music had its full vent, prison didn’t stop the grind.

     CEO of BeyonDaFence Entertainment, David Benton still pushes that Jesus joy, releasing his album “Background” in the Spring of 2016, with its heavy hitting soul felt beats, the lyrical intensity that’s moves your heart and makes you think, and all while still maintaining that God is the Alpha and Omega that made it all ..possible. Never one to back down, never one to give up…David Benton is a Hip Hop Christian artist who is here for business!