Dahitz is an information site that educates and promotes in order to keep the music community abreast of changes worldwide.

     This movement was born October 1991 during the height of the music industry, with a label by the name of ALLIV RECORDS, President /Owner  Donald Coleman , Vice President / Promotions Samuel Randle, with their first Album deal with Atantic Records with the Artists MC-Thick , first major artists signing from New Orleans before Cash Money , or Master P. Our staff has been in this business for over 30 years, Since the crash of the music business, we have been looking for a way to share new concepts to advance in a industry that has taken abrupt halt.

     The million dollar deals are not there, fantasy in the way of reality, New training and new ways of gaining the same end results it's going to take a lil bit more time and effort on the part of an Artists to gain the intrests of an industry that is suffering. You must learn, to become a business and a brand, not only in your back yard but gloabally networking through the use of the internet .

     ALLIV RECORDS has now become DAHITZ.COM, with a mission statement of "Putting the power back into the hands of the Hit makers", YOU THE ARTIST, giving you the power to , gain financial stability and control With affiliates globally as far as south Africa. We will push to bring you everything that will keep you promoted and informed on new Technology, Distribution , Promotion , Production , Public Relations, Video, Cinema and Branding Opportunities......